Upcoming Race Plans, August 2017

In mid August, I will be starting a new job. My new company has reserved a spot for me for the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge SF on September 7, a 3.2 mile course covering similar ground to the finish of the recently completed SF Marathon. I will likely not treat this as a race given that it falls very close to when my taper will need to begin for my next race, and I do not want to impact my last long runs. I have, however, done this before and it is a fun event.

On October 8, I will run the Munich Marathon, followed by a weeks vacation, finishing in Amsterdam (where I may or may not take part in one of the Amsterdam Marathon activities: either the 8k or the city walk).

On December 10, I will don a Santa Suit to run the SF Santa Run 5k:


I will run in the Racing Hearts 5k in March for the third year running, but they don’t usually publish a race date until closer to race day.

I’m in the London Marathon lottery for April 22 2018, but I do not anticipate getting accepted as I think the odds are less than 1 in 20.

I had enough fun in this year’s SF Half Marathon, that I registered for 2018 the day after the 2017 race.

I will also, again, enter the Berlin Marathon lottery for September 2018.

I will certainly have updates for 2018 as 2017 draws to a close.

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