Race Wishlist, 2017

Here’s my ever growing list of races I’d like to run someday. I’m adding to this list exponentially faster than completing them, so the emphasis really is on “wish” right now.

I’ve organized by month, but within each month it is random, neither by date nor interest level.
Disney Marathon Possibly the only way I’ll take a vacation to Disneyland
Key West Half Marathon Race looks flat and fast, though hot, and I’ve wanted to go back to Key West for a long time (was there in 9th grade).
Tokyo I’ve always wanted to go to Japan, it’s a WMM and Japan seems to have a great running culture.
Kaiser Permanent SF HM A great looking, smallish HM through beautiful Golden Gate Park, which is one of my favorite local runs.
Austin HM/M I spent 3 months in Austin, loved it, and my new company is based there.
LA Marathon Great new-ish course, runs right through my old neighborhood, finishes in lovely Santa Monica. I paced a friend here for 10 miles several years ago. I love LA!
Barcelona Spain (for now?). ’nuff said.
Paris HM A less painful way to get back to Paris than the full.
Brighton Marathon I lived here for a year, great city. This could be 2018’s Marathon!
London Marathon Love Love Love London, missed the lottery twice and the tour operator from US is booked for 2018.
Paris Marathon Would love to run this, but some reviews put me off.
Hamburg Looks like a flat and fast way to see what sounds like an amazing city.
Zurich CH, so beautiful!
Madrid See previous comments on Spain, but this looks harder than BCN.
Crete I loved Crete a long time ago, but this is a long shot race for me.
Rome I’ve been to Italy, but never Rome. Still worried about the ECG requirement.
Boston Marathon Runs by my brother’s house and near some old college memories.
Lindau Bodensee Tri I love the Bodensee, what better place to get back into tri?
Salzburg M/HM Salzburg is so beautiful. Not a fan of loop races, so HM is more likely here.
Prague Marathon Another great city, though not sure how high this is on my list.
Edinburgh More curious about the city than the race.
Avenue of the Giants This looks like a beautiful race in rural Northern California.
Copenhagen Really itching to visit DK.
Bucharest HM It would be nice to go back and run in the city where I lived for two months. I did not know why I couldn’t the first time, I was in the early stages of CVD.
Bay to Breakers 1) This looks crazy fun 2) I could get away with pretty much any attire and 3) It is the first of a series of SF races I’d like to complete.
Stockholm Another city I’d love to visit some day.
Midnight Sun (Norway) 1) I can visit the land of my maternal grandfather (never knew him) 2) It’s midnight near the arctic circle!
Fichtelgebirgs The name should make this pretty clear.
Neuschwantstein Despite having been to Munich many, many times, I’ve never made the trip to this castle.
Bodensee Megathlon I found this looking for triathlons that skate rather than bike. This still interests me, though.
Missoula Never been to MT, but would love to go.
Gold Coast A friend/co-worker ran this while visiting our AU office, and I hope to do to the same.
SF I will likely run some version of this race as long as I’m here and able to run. It’s the third in the SF series I’d like to run. Already registered for 2018, which will be my third straight SF (2nd) HM.
Reykjavik HM This looks lovely, and it falls on a great weekend to visit the city.
SF Giants Race The 2nd of the race series I may try in 2018.
Kauai Kauai is amazing!
Baden Marathon Close to my favorite town in Germany.
Bodensee Marathon/Half As stated, I love the Bodensee but this is less likely for me that the one in October.
Berlin I’m really itching to do this race, will enter lottery for 2018 and maybe just pay for the tour sponsored place.
Budapest HM I would like to go back here, but this race isn’t likely.
Jungfrau If I ever learn to love hills…
Drei Länder Again, I love the Boden see, and this runs through three countries!
Royal Parks HM See previous comments on London.
München Sadly, missing this race this year due to illness. However, I really love this city, I have a ton of memories and would love to run this race.
Budapest Marathon See previous comments on Budapest.
Amsterdam I missed this last year because of work, but would still like to run either the full or half.
Dresden HM Looks like a lovely city, but never been.
Lucca I had one of my best trips ever in this great city, really want to go back.
Frankfurt Marathon Briefly lived in FRA and really liked it. The race looks flat and fast.
Lake Powell HM A beautiful part of the southwest, would be a great trip to run then boat for a few days.
Key West See previous comments on Key West, but the half is much more likely than the full in FL weather.
Mallorca An island in Spain? Perfect. This is another looped course, so half is more likely than full.
Bilbao Night Race I love night races and I’ve never been to Bilbao, looks like a great choice.
Portland This is more likely if I decide I want to run in the US, but not high on the list right now.
Bucharest See previous Bucharest comments.
Bridge to Bridge This is a lovely route through SF and is the 4th in the series I’d like to do in 2018.
Stockadeathon I grew up here, would be fun to finally run this 15k.
Disney Wine and Dine See previous Disney comments, more likely to do this than the full.
Big Sur HM Monterey is amazingly pretty, and this looks like a great course not too far from home.
Nice Another place I really want to revisit.
Cambridge HM I don’t know how nice this course is, but it’s another that runs near where I used to live.
Las Vegas Strip at Night Another night race, along the Strip in Las Vegas. It would be great to run the half and then immediately jump into the nightlife.
Zurich Neujahr Night race, spans two years, beautiful location, what’s not to love? The cold, that’s what’s not to love.
Tübingen I spent a lot of time in this town and would love to revisit, especially while Christmas markets are open. This could be a fallback for my 2017 destination race if I recovery from illness in time.
North Face Endurance Challenge SF If I ever decide I want to run more than 26.2 in the hills, it’s beautiful up there and I can sleep in my own bed for this race.
As many parkrun locations as I can.


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