Where have I been?

It has been nearly two years (!!) since I last posted, it’s well past time to get back to it. The last two years have been filled with starting and ending a demanding and stressful job, several health issues (unrelated to heart) and a death in my family. Each of these has caused a lot of interruptions that interfered both with my training and really messed up my racing schedule (last published in 2017). Since I wrote that schedule, I have missed the 2017 Munich Marathon, the SF Christmas Race, the 2018 Hot Chocolate 15k and, most recently, the 2019 Paris Marathon. I also had to downgrade from the 2018 San Francisco (2nd) Half Marathon to the 5k as I was coming off respiratory illness and was in fact still sick.

It has not been all missed races, however. I have participated in 3 Crissy Field (San Francisco) Parkruns, I raced 2019 Hot Chocolate 15k (SF), a local trail race, and raced in one of the largest races in the world, the 2018 Sydney City2Surf, which was awesome, even though I was not in great shape.

I’m registered for a few races now and am working on filling out the rest of 2019 and early 2020 now. I will publish a new upcoming races schedule soon.

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