2017 Racing Hearts 5k Race Report

Recently I ran, for the second time, the Racing Hearts 5k @ Stanford University. This year I was not nearly as well prepared as I’d hoped to be. My goal was to be rested after my early December marathon and pick training back up in time to continue with the gains from all the long distance training. That did not happen: I’ve had five straight months of disappointing distance.

However, as this race supports inherited heart disease research at Stanford, I had to run it. And I’m glad I did. I love the vibe of this race. Also, this year, they offered an option to get a special red tech shirt if you’re either a survivor or friend/family of a survivor. In my case, I encouraged the people I was with to do so.

My girlfriend and me prerace. It was nice to have her there wearing the red shirt.

The race itself went ok. I knew I wasn’t in the same condition I had been the previous year so I’d set my expectations lower.

About 100m into the race

My pacing this year was actually better: I did not start out too greedy like last year, and therefore did not slow down throughout the race.

About 100m from the finish

I was generally pretty happy with my result. I had a goal pace in mind, and I was only five seconds per mile off of it.

Post race with a friend who I’d encouraged to both come and get a red shirt


After the post race festivities, about to head to my car, I decided to check the official results. To my pleasant surprise, I ended up winning my age group and walked away with a gift certificate for my local run shop.

Exchange with friend when I realized I’d won something


  1. You are an inspiration! I had CABGx3 LIMA plus 2x Saphrinous on my LACA and RMCA on 6/2 of this year. This resulted in 30 pounds of weight loss post-op, sadly mostly muscle. I am 43 years old and couldn’t walk the length of my house 100 days ago. I can now walk a 24min mile pace at an 8.5% incline for at least 1.5 miles. I have been in Cardiac Rehab for about 6 weeks now and doing great. We have a 5/10/15k here in Hannibal MO called the Hannibal Cannibal ( https://hannibalcannibal.com ) the race has brutal elevation climbs of 9% in spots thus my treadmill training. You have inspired me to run the 15K. It will be my first race and is taking place exactly 400 days post-CABG! Thanks for the inspiration!!!!!


  2. Thanks Joe. It seems like you’ve had a tough recovery, good luck with your upcoming runs! You will feel great after you finish your first race, I really felt great about what I’d been through and accomplished. Tell me how it goes!


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