This week in heart and running reading-December 30 2016

Here are a few things I found interesting, either about heart health, running, or the intersection thereof.

This last week’s news has been dominated by a few very sad events, mainly the deaths of Carrie Fisher, George Michael and Debbie Reynolds. This has prompted many articles about the difference between various cardiac related issues. Slate published two interesting ones, one about cardiac event terms, the other about broken heart syndrome. There’s also one about the damage that drug use can cause. It’s an interesting connection between mental health, drug use, subsequent heart issues.

Info on managing stress for your heart’s sake, which is going to be near the top of my resolutions for 2017. This is something that I can’t keep putting off.

This one about a long term CABG survivor isn’t a new one (2010), but I was reading it regardless. I found it while digging through emails sent to me near the time of my surgery.

This one about Ed Whitlock, the 85 year old wonder runner, doesn’t offer any new information, but he’s inspiring nonetheless.

A few more running and the brain: cerebral benefits of running

An interesting read for those of us with heart issues on inherited conditions, by the one of the beneficiaries of a local race I like to run:

This isn’t specific to heart or running, but is a great primer on Obamacare, Rest in Peace. This matters for those of us in the #27percent.

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