This week in heart and running reading-December 22 2016

Here are a few things I found interesting, either about heart health, running, or the intersection thereof.

On pain tolerance masking heart attack symptoms. This is interesting for me for a few reasons. I don’t consider myself to have a high tolerance for pain, but this does describe me a bit. As near as I can determine, I just crossed my 3 year anniversary of my “event”, but I was not aware that it was happening.

A good read by a recent twitter follower. Age, fitness, diet, none of this makes one immune to heart issues. This hits home because I thought all three did.

It isn’t clear that this study is saying anything interesting other than the obvious: it’s hard to keep people exercising. But I’ll read just about anything on Cardiac Rehab.

It’s good to know that small changes can help.

I like all of Brad Stulberg’s writing, but this is something I try to remember and occasionally remind others of without being too preachy, exercise helps everything.

This is a great read about focusing too much on what amounts to minor details in the big scheme of things, fitness wise.

A fun read by my favorite fitness writer (@sweatscience) about fads we’ll talk about in 2017. “The details of 2017’s hottest supplement remain murky, but there will certainly be one – just like last year, the year before and so on.”

Also, tons of googling “post marathon recovery”, “marathon reverse taper”, etc.

Finally, a few bits of twitter induced paranoia:

and also continuing to monitor my google alert “heart surgery infection” from this news of the last few months.

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