This week in heart and running reading-January 6 2017

Here are a few things I found interesting, either about heart health, running, or the intersection thereof.


A great read by America Ferrera about her first triathlon. I really like the inner monologue, but what I love is that her coach could see she was having one: “I don’t know what you’re saying to yourself when you reach that pole, but you need to change it.” I also LOVE that she kept her race number on at the Emmy’s:


This student made ad for Adidas…My first thought was “I can’t wait to run tonight”

More on the relationship between drinking and heart disease.

A possible excuse for me to bring back more cheese into my diet:

A mildly interesting article on the relationship between statins and fitness. I say mildly because there isn’t much I could do about this if I was experiencing a downside, unless I had the funding to take the newer class of cholesterol drugs, which I do not.

I like this new word, #overfat:

Reading these two articles next to each other is interesting. One advocating for a workout buddy, the other for solitary runs. I can relate to both. I struggle to maintain any weight room motivation unless I’ve got a partner. With running, I have the opposite problem. I struggle to maintain attendance at local running groups, even though in theory I really like the idea of being a member of a group/team. This is likely, in my case, more related to social anxiety disorder, rather than the writer’s enjoyment of solitary runs.


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