This week in heart and running reading-January 14 2017

Here are a few things I found interesting, either about heart health, running, or the intersection thereof.

I’m starting off this week with a personally appropriate study on the link between stress and heart attack (and stroke). This was a very difficult week and further proof that I have a hard time managing stress. Semi-related, on the therapeutic benefits of LSD and yoga for those suffering from anxiety and/or depression.

Put this

Scary news that implanted heart devices can be hacked.

A primer on the benefits of cardiac rehab from the BHF, along with some news on the state of the UK’s programs:

I don’t know what to make of this as I’m not familiar at all with the source, but here’s an article about the damage done to one’s heart from running too many marathons.

On running and New Year’s Resolutions: twelve ideas how to kick start your running resolutions, why the marathon is a terrible fitness goal, and how going dry in January can help your running.

There were a lot of ACA related articles this week: Americans Love Obamacare (they just don’t know it), two on the difficulty of replacing Obamacare: at cnbc and at cnn,  and numbers on how Americans feel about replacing Obamacare.

A letter from CEO of AHA on pre-existing coverage:

The effect of a repeal on working hours and retirement age:

An interesting read what we can learn about healthcare spending by studying pet health care.

Finally, some healthcare news from UK. Apparently the state of NHS is not great right now.


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